High Impact Approach to Leadership Coaching


As an individual – whatever your current status as a leader, whether you are transitioning to a new leadership role for the first time or seeking to overcome blockages or inertia as a confirmed leader, or simply seeking fresh eyes on where your potential lies or how to tackle a particular business challenge, High Impact coaching support can be hugely effective.

High Impact coaching allows the senior leaders to go deeper into their personal impact developmental edges in a safe and private way. High Impact Coaching starts with a diagnostic which explores current experiences and facets of you which may help or hamper how you are perceived versus the impact you desire to have, and this in different contexts and circumstances.

High Impact philosophies on leadership fully apply to our work as coaches in 1:1 or leadership team coaching situations also; working more deeply on one’s self knowledge (leadership qualities), key leadership activities and key leadership competences (impact) will be underlying themes to be explored.

The diversity of the High Impact coaching team is great, both in terms of experiences and coaching approaches and is matched of course by the diversity of coaching challenges that can be faced at leadership level. It is therefore vitally important that sufficient attention is given to making the right choice of coach at the beginning of the process. We make sure that that phase is dealt with extremely thoroughly, therefore, it has to be right for both.

Designed to address diverse leadership challenges

High Impact Senior Executive Coaching is about providing a support & development focus to leaders who are seeking to gain the qualities or competencies required to become comfortable and successful as an individual leader or indeed as a team of leaders.

The sessions are built specifically to suit the individual or the team and to target the defined needs which can be around:

  • Performance related leadership challenges
  • Transitioning from Managerial to Leadership roles
  • Visionary Leadership Development; Direction setting
  • Leading change
  • Generating new cultures; Improving Engagement Levels
  • Cohesion in Leadership Teams; problems within senior teams
  • Impact & Communication styles
  • Leadership behaviours
  • Coaching of speaking

Coaching engagements designed for Individuals and for teams.

All High Impact coaching programmes require multiple touch points over a period of time (typically 6 – 18 months).

Leadership Team Coaching Journeys

A team is not a group of people who work together. A team is a group of people who trust each other with a shared purpose. To achieve this, High Impact Team Coaching – are always rich experiences which:

  • Enable participants to share and exchange around there own experiences and challenges associated with the team.
  • Explore and experiment with different ways to develop as a team.
  • Enable members of the team to get beyond their functional remit and silos of areas of expertise.
  • Explore how to open up areas which may have been taboo and to create a climate of TRUST and to be comfortable working in a more emotionally connected and savvy.
  • Allow reflections on their own contributions as a leader to the team in a way that allows each member to emerge re-energized and clear on wider role they have to play.
  • Collectively towards fulfilment because the journey was good, not just from the results at the end.
  • Works lives shared experiences that touch the hearts and leave indelible legacies.

High Impact Team Coaching continues work with individual team members and with the whole team. Balance is decided in agreement between coach and team based on their challenges and goals.