Conference Speaker Preparation

Developing High Impact Speakers

Feedback and Coaching 

High Impact coaches work through a process of observation, feedback and coaching to improve the impact of speakers and their presentations. They have a clear framework and a set of principles which lead to increased impact and give feedback and coaching with those in mind.

Feedback is always direct and to the point with clear suggestions for improvement. Speakers receive clear guidance as to important aspects to consider in the specific venue (staging, timing, etc.).

Speakers are almost always recorded when rehearsing so they can see themselves and the impact they are having.

We help you at any point

High Impact coaches work with the speakers at any point in the end-to-end process of presentation construction: script-writing from the outset, making adjustments to existing scripts, working purely on the delivery.

Coaches provide suggestions of “star moments” which might help create memories which last well beyond the conference itself.