High Impact Communication Programmes

High Impact Communication – A flavour of the programmes we create


High Impact Presenting

Developing individual personal impact by exploring the art of discourse, and communication through the medium of presentation. Standing up and standing out to capture the hearts and imagination of audiences.

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High Impact Leadership Communication

When the presenter becomes the presentation.

This bespoke High Impact programme explores the factors that make a real difference when it comes to impactful and charismatic communication at senior level.

To generate real engagement in an enterprise through communication requires more than simply a well-prepared analysis and solid arguments. Particular focus is given to creating and delivering communication which inspires commitment and change.

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High Impact Influencing – The art of  conversation to win commitment and build positive relationships.

Influencing with integrity to win commitment and gain traction in a way that builds true collaborative working, is a daily leadership activity.

The influencing environment can be complex; with transversal functions, indirect reporting, multi-cultural and multi-geographical work streams.

The ability to represent one’s position firmly yet remain open to factors which could lead you to change position is where the true art of persuasion lies.

High Impact Influencing focuses on developing the right qualities as well as acquisition of the skills, processes, tools.

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Getting to High Impact Base Camp

Exploring the underlying principles that lead to impactful presentations by getting familiar with a step by step guide to construct a presentation and to support participants as the presenters.

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