High Impact Seminars

High Impact Seminars – A sample of the programmes we create


High Impact Influencing

Developing self-awareness to deploy the fundamentals to influence with integrity during everyday exchanges. Acquiring the various strategies, processes, tools and skills required to influence successfully within complex eco-systems and across a broad range of business contexts.

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High Impact Presenting

Developing individual personal impact by exploring the art of discourse, and communication through the medium of presentation. Standing up and standing out to capture the hearts and imagination of audiences.

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Getting to High Impact Base Camp

Exploring the underlying principles that lead to impactful presentations by getting familiar with a step by step guide to construct a presentation and to support participants as the presenters.

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High Impact Leadership Communication

Bespoke experience that explores impact moments in the participants’ business environment and wider roles as leaders. Sensetising participants to what is expected from them as Senior Leaders for visionary leadership and inspirational communication and overcoming team blockers or derailers.

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