High Impact Teams

Developing High Impact Teams

There are many reasons why a team is not operating in an optimal way: lack of trust amongst team members, no clear or compelling purpose, team that is not acting as role model, siloed mindset, etc.

High Impact helps leadership teams become mindful of these issues and their consequences on the effectiveness of the team and of the overall organisation.

Diagnosis is only a first step.

We accompany leadership teams to address these issues during engaging and challenging seminars where we create the conditions to discuss the undiscussable. Impact of our team seminars goes even beyond this: expected outcomes include what the next level of collaboration within the team looks like, the development of a deeper sense of purpose, developing feedback, or how to support evolution of the company culture.

Our team interventions do always include diagnosis interviews with each and every team member prior to the seminar. Our experience shows this is a critical step in the journey to gain a deep understanding of current situation, and to create the necessary trust for a successful seminar to take place.