Leadership Seminars

Leadership Seminars – A sample of the programmes we create


Stirring the Leader Within

Unleashing the full potential of participants so they can effect positive leadership on enterprise is at the heart of this journey. Exploring and engaging with the principle activities of leaders (giving direction, making tough decisions, driving change, enabling the organisation, teams and individuals, leading through others) to mature into true leaders.

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High Impact Emotional Leadership

How do leaders generate followers who are willing to go the extra mile?

Being a leader is governed as much by one’s ability to emotionally connect to people and the strength of one’s conviction, as it is by strategic thinking.

This experience is designed to put participants at the crossroads of their true authentic leadership and the fullness of their personal impact.

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Custom Programmes – Leadership for Change

Addressing your unique challenges around change initiatives by breaking them down into leadership qualities that seminar participants will learn and experience.

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