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HR and Competency Development

I think highly of the High Impact team and our debriefings which allowed me to work on my impact and my influence. Fantastic first opportunity to work tangibly on GPS communication – annual internal survey on perceptions and opinions within BNP Paribas. Reflection and communication actions played a role (at least that’s what I want to believe) in our ability to get a participation of 80%, way above national and historical levels. Thus… THANK YOU!

Sales Director

Dear High Impact Team, thank you to our career managers who gave me the opportunity to join your seminar. Thank you to you, Grant and Philippe, for these 3 days: during my (already long) professional career, I’ve never had any chance to live a such intense seminar, which obviously will leave its mark. I have to confess that going back to the business without decompression stops is another type of experience: I hastened to get the Compass at the right place on my desk BEFORE I started the daily routine work.


Time has flown since the closure of our conference and my intent was to send you this email sooner as I wasn’t able to say goodbye to you on the last day of the conference. Anyway, a big thank you for how you brought up the 3 sessions. It was clever, fun and class… Which confirms to me, even if I’ve never had any doubt about this, I’m the best qualified person to choose moderators!

Jean-Frédéric Douroux – Director Internal Communications

I can recommend High Impact for great skills and a talented personality to moderate an event like ours. Passionate and strongly experienced, High Impact brought a lot to our convention through their ideas and energy. The quality of their intervention has been one of the key success factors of the event.

General Manager Italy – Global FMCG company

I’m taking advantage of few minutes at the airport to thank you for these 2 fantastic days you made us live. I vividly remember the first experience I had the pleasure to live 8 (?) years ago, and I’m equally sure that these 2 days will be part of the most important memories for our Italian Management Team! As I hoped for, the work together allowed for individuals to work on their own path and also contributed to nourish this young team. I’ll take the time to talk with them to build on learnings and I think without taking too much risk that feedback will be homogenous and highly positive. At a personal level, this reinforces my willingness to pursue this path to success and to find my own way. Thank you to the 2 of you for your energy, your passion, the quality of contents and the care you provided to each of us.

A Senior Director of Supply Chain in a Global Group

I waited a long time to come back to both of you with some comments about the training, I am not sure you will remember me but that is okay. I want to thank both of you for “The Best Training That I Ever Had for Presentations”. You both pulled me out of my comfort zone, maybe actual dragged me but in a nice way, and it worked. I cannot believe I am going to say this but I now look forward to presentations. Even though you might have thought I could not wait for this training to be over - I was actually listening and learning. Thank goodness we did not get a 100-page powerpoint presentation each day, and you both talked to it each day. Your training class was different, enlightening, and current, with STAR moments you shared with us through actual real-life examples of what you were teaching us. Even like that you played music at the breaks. Come to think of it your class was IMPACTFUL. Thank you again it has made a difference for me.

« High Potential » HR manager in the banking sector

Hello to you, and a big thank you for your professionalism, your critical and honest eyes. We left the seminar really “full”. The community (episode 2) is about to see the light of the day; and there is actually an internal contest between the 10 stakeholders regarding the creation of our name.

Global People Development Director

This message to convey High Impact a very warm THANK YOU for the great work your team put into this very tailor-made Executive Management Program seminar n°3, be it from the preparation and design standpoint, or from a facilitation perspective. You all work so well together in such a complementary way!! It was a pleasure to see High Impact interact with all participants in such a personalized way. I am pretty sure that most of the participants have experienced a strong shift in their behaviors and eagerness to experiment new ways of approaching business, communication and people management. From a more personal standpoint, I thoroughly enjoyed working with High Impact. Hope to pursue the collaboration in the very near future.”