Why High Impact Exists

Why High Impact Exists?

The need for leaders who can reduce conflict and increase openness, collaboration and understanding in a world which has never known such speed of change and turbulence, is very real. Leaders who have impact on others, who develop the desire to move forwards together and with enthusiasm; leaders who can guide others around them with integrity in times of great uncertainty and who can paint powerful pictures of better times ahead. These are necessary conditions for companies to survive and this is our vision at High Impact.

We help individuals to go beyond the obvious of rational logic to lead. Our ultimate daily mission is to create and provide experiences where individuals can learn and feel the impact they can have when they connect beyond simply the intellectual dimension; to explore the impact and leadership they can have when their bodies, their emotions, and their convictions are connected and working as one.

High Impact Journey

Sustainable Shifts

The outcome is simple: creating positive, sustainable and lasting shifts in behaviours in the key people that enterprise relies upon to stay effective, competitive, exciting and prosperous. Certain behavioural traits which we believe have helped us to succeed in our careers so far need to be challenged in favour of other behaviours which will be required to get to the next level in leadership. Exploring and recognising these is a High Impact leadership shift.

Experiences which Awaken and Transform

“People will forget what you say,
they will forget what you did,
but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou