A Word from the Founder – Grant Aylward

A Word from the Founder – Grant Aylward

We have to allow ourselves to dream about what could be; not those things we could have done but didn’t or those things we should have done, but rather those things that still could be. For we are all eminently capable of much more.

At the heart of High Impact’s work in leadership and personal impact is a desire to enable others to go beyond what we know how to do; to explore those facets of ourselves as communicators and leaders which remain partially or totally hidden from view. This is the journey followed by many actors pursuing the truth that must be found in their characters for them to become credible. Much in the same way that an actor seeks the truth, so must leaders and communicators seek the truth about themselves – their authentic selves – for all the dimensions that may contain. Then will connections truly be made. Having impact as communicators is about making connections; with self, with the subject, with others, with others’ imaginations, in the moment.

Anyone associated with High Impact will understand the journey to be one of exploration and discovery of self and observation of the impact on others. This exploration requires courage and a sense of adventure plus an openness to what is possible. This quality of openness is one that I personally attach great importance to for it is often where connections are made. This quality must be constantly invested in. The very second that we declare ourselves “open” to the world around us is often the very second that we cease to work on our own level of openness to change, to opinions, to feedback, to criticism, to challenge, to exploration, to appreciation, to love and much more…

When we are open to exploring the seemingly limitless potential that we have collectively and individually then we can unleash it.

If High Impact, one day, achieves all it has set out to achieve then there will be greater openness in the world, less conflict between people, more desire for collaboration, more acceptance of differences and the power of divergence. Sensing and intuition will play a greater part in learning and understanding. Emotions will not be a hindrance to be stifled, rather a support to our position, and an aid to our impact. Uncertainty and ambiguity will be regarded as possibility for discovery and opportunity; fear of responsibility will be overshadowed by desire to explore potential and grow; the stress of having to fit in and the comfort of being moulded by organisational protocol will give way to the spirit of harnessing individuality and a healthy, playful and balanced lifestyle. I have dedicated much of my time to working on the qualities that emerge in great leaders and great communicators and which are felt by others. Although there are many, one stands out as being the most elusive and the most consistently in need of attention – openness.