High Impact Inspirations

High Impact Inspirations

Keeping momentum going.

As business leader or HR professional, you are used to dealing with the common challenge of not reverting back to unhelpful behaviours when back at the workplace.

To ensure long-lasting impact, our seminar designs include post-seminar surgery days, coaching, development plans, support of bosses and colleagues, etc. High Impact supplements these activities by sending additional food for thought to our participants on a monthly basis over a one-year period. These are our “High Impact Inspirations”.

High Impact Inspirations are a series of up-to-date and relevant articles relating to High Impact subjects and experiences. They are writings, essays, creative inputs, that encourage participants to further reflect on their Impact and Leadership journeys.

High Impact Inspirations are freshly created and written by the High Impact team as part of our own continued research into subjects and for our own personal development. They are therefore a rich source of input for the participants who have, during their time with us, developed their own taste for personal development.

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